Transformation Beyond Greed

Native Wellness Institute Interview

May 2nd 2020 Interview with the Native Wellness Institute on the Native Wellness Power Hour. The first week of May the Native Wellness Power Hour focused on the topic of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls. In this interview you can learn about why the book was created and how it relates to native self-actualization.

Native Wellness Institute Interview

Therapy Reimagined Interview

Curt and Katie from the Modern Therapist's Survival Guide interview Dr. Sidney Stone Brown on the Native Self-Actualization Model. She gives us a look at Abraham Maslow’s work, which was created after spending time with the Blackfoot people as well as how his Hierarchy of Needs supports greed and capitalism. She also talks through indigenous wisdom and how Dr. Brown incorporated their lifestyle and teachings into her work on the Native Self-Actualization Model. She emphasizes the power of altruism, reciprocity, and working together collaboratively.

Therapy Reimagined Interview Link to Interview Transcript