Transformation Beyond Greed


“How do we restore our cultural knowledge, cultural attachment, acquisition of our language - it is a journey of enculturation that results in competence in the language, values, and ceremonies of the culture. The separation, loss and devaluation was colonization. It separated us from our Native knowledge. We have a right to know and become that person asking “what can I contribute?” instead of further assimilation. Thank you for your help so many have stepped up to help. This Native Centered Evidence Based Study is my life passion. The book carries a message of hope and resilience for the coming generations.” –Dr. Sidney StoneBrown

"Dr. Brown’s volume carefully describes the source of Abraham Maslow’s theory of self-actualization, which was based on observations of the Siksika tribe of northern Alberta. She elucidates the potential benefits of re-capturing and using the material Maslow interpreted according to his dominant cultural worldview in a manner more congruent with the original Siksika world view, belief system, values, and practices. As a professional psychologist and Blackfeet Tribal member with family roots in the Siksika nation, I am pleased that my people’s ancient truths have been captured and shared accurately."
~Joseph Stone, psychologist working with the Maori

"This book will help heal the “soul wound’ of Native families and individuals across the First Nations of Canada and the 566 Tribes of the United States. As a 32-year-veteran facilitator of healing from historical trauma, I wept during conversations with Dr. Sidney Stone Brown, hearing how she wrote, revisioned, and stood firm is speaking the truth about our tribal paradigms of indigenous thought and knowledge of how our worldviews, languages, values, ancient truths, and ceremonies will bring miracles of hope and healing. We applaud Dr. Sidney Stone Brown for capturing that sacred process of self-actualization and sharing it with the world."
~Theda New Breast, Native Wellness Institute

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